Are you willing to go a little further? Then look this way. YAP has proven that there is no need to scarifice luxury, sizing or utility when outfitting dogs. Our proprietary sizing regimen and data-informed design is what distinguishes these cashmere sweaters. 


    Our innovations in these articles are founded upon kinesiology, morphology and textile science. Our team is continuously searching for the finest raw materials available to supply our atelier. Our customers rave that there is nothing further beyond the pieces we offer in our collection.

Atelier Cashmere Sweaters

    A 100% cashmere wool roundneck sweater complete with rib knit trim.  Our signature piece is refined and versatile, immediately revealing the look of choice cashmere.


    Up close, the Atelier sweater exhibits an impeccable finish and deep saturation of colors, even on unseen parts of the garment. This level of finishing is typically only used on the finest human sweaters.


    Perfect for town & country dressing or layering under waterproof garments.


Handcrafted 100% Cashmere Sweaters

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