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ASK YAP: Should I get a Techno Harness or YAP Wrap?

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

YAP Wraps and Techno Harnesses are two of the most popular harnesses among our customers. Most dogs start their first harness journeys on a YAP Wrap or a Techno Harness. If you are new to YAP harnesses, it can be difficult deciding on which one to purchase. We created this short guide to help you pick the right one.

YAP Wraps offer a variety of style options and functions—Techno, Classic, Winter, Special Edition, Performance, and JDM. Each of our Wrap lines serve a purpose. It is best to look into each line to see which one is a good fit for you.

When choosing the right harness, it comes down to this one question: does your dog strongly pull? If you find that your dog is walking you during your daily walks, the Techno Harness is perfect for you! It includes the emergency handle feature known in YAP Wraps. Dogs who tend to pull strong can still benefit from YAP Wrap use, but we recommend a Wrap as an at-home harness rather than one used for their daily walk. Active dogs and those who tend to pull can benefit more by utilizing the techno harness throughout their daily walks. The buckles will keep them secure while the Outlast technology will keep them cool.

When choosing a harness, the right pick comes down to the personality and behavior of the pet. We hope this helps guide you in picking the right harness for your family.

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