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ASK YAP: Should My Dogs Wear Boots?

In short, yes! Especially if you live in harsher climates with a pet whose breed is not meant for those conditions. The season of snow and ice is here. One item we frequently get questioned about is our Caligae Boots. Why do we make dog boots? Why should dogs wear boots? Dog’s need to wear boots outside like we need to wear winter coats in the cold. Modern domestic dogs are far removed from their wolf ancestors. Smaller and short-haired dogs are especially at risk in the cold climate.

Dog boots protect your dog from ice, snow, and other hazards that come with the seasonsuch as road chemicals and salt. It is perfectly normal for your dog to resist wearing them at first. It will take some time for your pet to acclimate to the new sensation of wearing boots. They will be able to conquer the cold in their new shoe gear with time, practice, and patience.

SIZING: Ensure you purchase the right size. Take their pad measurement on the ground with their weight evenly distributed. Their weight must be on their pads to receive an accurate measurement.

REWARDS: One of the best ways to introduce your pet to their new pair of booties is with a reward system. They will associate the booties with positive experiences in due time. Introduce the boots alongside the treat. If they get one paw in the boot, give them a treat. There are a few training regimens that folks over the years have created. We recommend finding a method that works for you and your pet.

PRACTICE: Put one boot on, and then the other. If you are having difficulty with your pet and find that they are unable to wear the rest, then take a break. Let them go outside with at least one or two boots on so that they can feel the difference.

Practice makes perfect. The best thing you can do for your pet this winter is to get them a good pair of booties to protect their paws. They will conquer the snow in comfort and style in no time.

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