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ASK YAP: When Will the Hawaiian Wrap Come Back?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We get this question A LOT! The Hawaiian Classic Wrap has become somewhat of a fan cult classic. Our design team viewed many samples before the final classic print was chosen. The fabric from this wrap was created by local Hawaiian artisans based on the island. The artists create fabric in small batches. Designs from previous seasons are seldom continued once they sell out making this print (and wrap) exclusive. We currently only carry this design in Teacup, Extra Small, and Small. We noticed that most of our furry clients range in the medium and small categories. These two sizes are some of the first to sell out in our wraps.

We advise folks who tend to buy these two sizes in our wraps to stock up! We cannot guarantee the wrap you purchased today will be available later in time. We try to keep some constant staples, such as our camo, houndstooth, and pink polka dot. These wraps will be around for a long while. Our other designs are mostly exclusive and once they sell out, it is difficult to restock due to the nature of the fabric.

We do love this print and this fabric and we are always keeping an eye out for something similar to it, so don't be discouraged! Our design team is always on the lookout to find the next best Hawaiian print. In the meantime, if you are looking to buy this wrap in a sold-out size, we recommend our other botanical wraps, such as the Meissen Blue, Spring/Blue, and Beige Floral.

This post is a part of our ASK YAP series. We answer user-submitted questions about our products, product care, and even just general dog advice. Leave a question for our team in the comments below to see it featured in an upcoming post!

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