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ASK YAP! Why Don't We Add a Clip or Buckle?

Welcome to the first official post in our ASK YAP series. This series is aimed at answering the questions of our readers and clients. Questions could range from products to dog care. Our expert team will do their best to answer.

Why don’t we add a clip or buckle to our YAP Wraps?

Chukis the small black chihuahua-doberman mix with white and brown features is wearing a grey plaid YAP classic wrap. His photo is framed by a heart.
Chukis is wearing a Prince of Wales YAP Classic Wrap

When it comes down to it, we want our pets to be comfortable and safe. Their well-being and comfort are our priority and it always comes first when designing products. Clips or buckles are not added to the YAP Wraps for that reason. Our wraps are intended to stay on the wearer for long periods of time. They come in a wide variety of designs and functions, such as the Techno Wrap, Winter Wrap, Performance Wrap, and Classic Wrap. Although each wrap has its own purpose, they all provide comfort and safety. The design is so cozy, that pets not only feel safe from the hugging sensation the wraps provide, but they can also fall asleep in them without any discomfort.

We use the best materials for their safety. Heavy stitching and military-grade velcro secure your friend into the harness. This allows them to be safe as well as experience the ultimate snug fit. As with anything, the velcro does have a lifespan. To read more on how to care for your YAP Wrap, check out our previous article on YAP Wrap Care for further information.

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