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Is Your Dog Suffering from Heat Stress?

States across the USA are preparing themselves for record-breaking temperatures this summer. Homes and apartments that were built without air conditioning in cities known for their cool climates are experiencing heat advisories and warnings. Even places known for their extreme temperatures are breaking records, such as Death Valley. The desert valley located in the Mojave Desert recently experienced the hottest and longest 24 hour period on record. Hospitals across the country are admitting folks suffering from heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Protect yourself and your fur pets this summer with our cool-down guide.

Dogs overheat much quicker than humans. Their temperature can skyrocket to 104 or 105 in a matter of minutes. The normal temperature is around 101-102.5. Anything above that can cause severe to deadly effects. All dogs are at risk during the heat, however, some dogs are more predisposed to suffering from heatstroke or exhaustion. Take extra precautions for pets who are at higher risk, such as dark-coated pups, seniors, overweight dogs, or short-nosed/flat-faced pets.

First and foremost, make sure your dog has access to fresh water at all times. If you believe your dog is not receiving adequate hydration, you may give them Pedialyte to help maintain their electrolyte balance. We recommend using the basic, unflavored Pedialyte. We advise mixing it with their water. Feel free to add some ice cubes (or even freeze the Pedialyte into cubes!) every other hour to keep it cool.

This goes without saying, but please do not leave your dog in the car, especially in hot weather. Even a quick 15 minute trip to the store with your windows cracked open can hurt, or even kill your pet. Dogs in cars are the most common cause of heatstroke. Don’t let your dog be a part of the statistics.

Don’t be afraid to splash your dog with some water from that garden hose. Wetting their coat a bit can help keep them cool. Make sure to use cool, not cold, water. Cold water can cause immediate shock, making their conditions worse! Another solution is to wrap them in a damp towel for temporary relief.

Make sure to rest! Avoid strenuous exercise. If it’s too hot for that daily walk, try taking them out later on in the day when it’s a bit cooler.

Use the right gear! Did you know that our techno line is made for keeping dogs cool? The Techno Wrap and Techno Harness are perfect for dogs big and small. The Outlast technology inside keeps dogs cool by storing their excess body heat within the fabric.

Avoid asphalt on hot days. Asphalt absorbs heat. It can reach extreme temperatures that can burn and cause serious damage to the sensitive pads on your pet’s feet. If your dog is going to walk outside on cement, make sure to put dog booties on them.

Is your dog panting? Don’t fret. This is the natural body response that allows them to cool down. However, if you notice excess panting, lethargy, or distress, get them to a cool location immediately. Set up a cool-down area with cool water. You can apply an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel to their groin and/or armpit area for some relief.

Symptoms such as seizure, shock, or coma are clear warning signs to get them to a vet immediately. Keep your dog safe this summer and stay cool!

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