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Mindfulness for You and Your Dog

Let’s talk about mindfulness. It’s a type of meditation where participants are asked to be fully present and aware of that particular moment in time and their surroundings. It’s an ability very natural to humans and it’s an exercise that everyone can do. This type of meditation is perfect for tense, anxious, individuals who find themselves with shortness of breath.

Woman and dog have their eyes closed. Woman is holding dog.
Photo by Rafal Jedrzejek on Unsplash

This exercise can be practiced with your pet, who is probably one of the best individuals in your life who can be considered a master in mindfulness. Your dog, cat, or other pet is always mindful in regards to the space around them. They live in the now. Worries and concerns from the past or future don’t seem to impact their general current state of mind. It is more so the issues of the present that affect themloud noises, other foreign beings (human or fur stranger), new situations, and even the presence or absence of their human companion.

One of our favorite exercises is a simple breathing meditation that Pronto’s dad does with her. He noticed regularly doing this exercise strengthened their connection, as well as boosted both their mental health. This meditation is one of Pronto’s favorites, and we hope it becomes one of yours, too!

If you have a small pet, try placing them on your chest for this meditation. It may help to lay down. For larger pets, put your head against theirs--foreheads touching if permissible. Breathe deeply. Hold your friend close to you and breathe with them. Find a natural rhythm once your breathing is synchronized, We recommend doing this exercise for twenty minutes. We feel like this is a good amount of time to take notice of the beauty of this experience. Once you are finished, you and your pet may both experience a sense of peace and calm throughout your day.

Would you like a recorded guided mindfulness meditation? Let us know in the comments below!

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Marianna Pollak
Marianna Pollak
Mar 05, 2021

Hello - I would love a guided meditation for me and my Roxie. she still wears the 2 sided black and leopard print yap wrap we originally bought at the store at Ghiradelli Square. And she also has a skulls techno jacket. The comfiest doggy clothes I can find to be honest. I love the engineering on your product , and would love to have some design that mimic a dogs fur. Thank you. I am getting more! -Marianna Pollak SF

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