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Pronto's Valentine Guide

Woman in sunglasses receives kiss from her Dalmatian dog. They are in front of a pink outdoor wall.
Daria Shevtsova / Pexels

If you are stumbling with what to give your pet this Valentine's Day, worry not. I penned a few of my favorite items to help you on your gift-giving day. This list is compiled of some of my personal favorites, and I am pawsitive that your favorite valentine will love them, too!

Jerky Treats: Who doesn’t love tasty snacks? Spoil your valentine this year with our wholesome, organic jerky. They come in chicken and beef. The chicken is my personal favorite. I like to take a piece and munch on it while sitting on the couch.

Miss Porridge is a mini doxie dog. She has a long body and short legs. She is in our ivory bathrobe lounging on wood flooring.
Miss Porridge // Instagram Pet Influencer

Atelier Bathrobe: The best form of care is a nice warm bath. After my human helps me get squeaky clean, I like to put on my bathrobe and lounge around the house until dry. The bathrobe makes me feel luxurious and warm after my dip in the water.

Bowser is a black miniature daschund dog wearing a grey cashmere sweater with a red heart on the back. It has a banner on the heart that says Mom.
Bowser // Instagram Pet Influencer

100% Cashmere Sweaters: My thigh muscles tend to get cold and stiff in the winter. I love sporting my cashmere sweater because the material super soft and it keeps my muscles warm. I sometimes pair it with my favorite performance wrap for the ultimate form of comfort. Our cashmere sweaters are marked down this season for friends en vogue looking for good deals. They come in a variety of colors and styles for every dog.

Cashmere Neck Warmer: I was tentative to share this one with my fans because I didn’t want the secret getting out. My neck muscles tend to get chilly during the winter seasons. I particularly need warmth in that area to keep my blood circulating. The Cashmere Neck Warmer is my go-to gift item for that fur valentine in your life who likes to be stylish and warm. It also makes for a great photo


A photo of small cute black dog in a neck warmer that looks like bunny ears.
Sophie // Instagram Pet Influencer

I tend to spoil my human all year with love, kisses, and general funny shenanigans. I like to cuddle up right next to them when I feel they need compassion and touch the most. However, as February approaches, I love how the attention focuses on me. My birthday lands on Valentine's Day and I love it when my human takes the time to shower me with gifts. If that makes me spoiled, so be it.

This article was written by our spokesdog and senior model, Pronto. What's your favorite product Pronto recommends? Let us know in the comments below!

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