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Show Up in Style This Holiday Season

Ugly sweater Christmas parties and family get-togethers are around the corner. We have the right harnesses and apparel for your pets to show up in style. They will be the talk of the town and ready for any photo opportunity with the holiday YAP gear.

These coats are easy to put on. The material is comfortable and similar to our Vitesse coat. Your pet is ready to welcome the holiday season with gusto. There is even a matching scarf reminiscent of Santa’s Hat! Sizes range to fit all dogs.

Santa’s Helper bandanas are perfect for pets looking for a more minimalistic holiday look. They are easily secured around the neck and worn for any and all occasions. This accessory is perfect for the coffee shop or the daily walk. Pair it with our hoodie for ultimate comfort and style.

Flannel prints are the perfect holiday apparel. Buffalo Red Plaid joins our winter wrap style this year. These harnesses are perfect for the holiday season. They will keep your pet warm while they deck the halls with boughs of holly.

We offer a cashmere-blend sweater for a more sophisticated pet. The cashmere blend allows breathability and comfort. These sweaters are perfect for family portraits or special holiday occasions.

Keep your holiday wardrobe clean with our aprons! Each apron is easy to put on and tighten. It’s perfect for folks who tend to find themselves on the kitchen "battlefield" throughout the holidays.

Whatever the occasion is this holiday season, YAP has you covered!

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