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Yap Wrap Care

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

We created this little guide to help folks take care of their Wraps. We hope you find this tool useful in maintaining your own Wraps!

Our Wraps utilize Velcro ® to secure your pet into the harness. We incorporate the most adhesive hook & loop fastener available on the market in order to provide maximum strength in any situation.

Hook & loop fabric like Velcro ® have a service limit of approximately 2000 openings and closings, or one or two years of everyday wear. Past this limit, you should evaluate the integrity of your Wrap to determine whether it is time to trade-in.

Rotating among Yap Wraps is an ideal way to extend their lifespan, much like rotating your athletic shoes to prolong their use. Dogs produce oil and dander, so to keep your Yap Wrap as strong as possible, you should wash them when needed. When washing your Yap Wrap:

  • First, comb out any fur caught on the hook side of the fastener. An easy way to do this is with another piece of hook fabric you have on another item around your home.

  • Next, use an old toothbrush with detergent and water to prewash both sides of the Velcro ®.

  • Then, evenly close the hook and loop so it is not exposed. Wash your Yap Wrap using detergent. If machine washing, place the wrap(s) inside a tied-shut pillowcase or a garment bag and place in the washer.

  • Do not heat in the dryer! Air dry or wear dry the product only! This will destroy and/or melt the velcro.

If you walk your dog twice a day and follow this guide, the average lifespan of your wrap will be a year or more. We hope these tips help you with your Wrap!

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