The Tru-Fit® version of our tried-and-true 100% Waterproof Raincoat is equipped with an industry-exclusive fitment system, allowing proper fit for the broadest range of chest sizes within the given length. The Tru-Fit® system provides room for your dog's shoulders to rotate properly, without sacrificing overall fit. Sizes XS, S & M include an integrated center-of-gravity harness and lift handle.


-3-position hood which can be tucked inside the collar when not needed.

- Breathable, anti-static interior layer.

- Reflective stripes, pocket.

-All colors except Pink provide access for male dogs' plumbing with the Raincoat on.

Tru-Fit® Hooded Raincoat - Orange

  • Our Waterproof Raincoat is 100% waterproof with fully sealed seams. The four way stretch allows the dog to move comfortably inside. There is a peripheral layer to protect from overheating and reflectors for nighttime. More features include: a storable hoodie, full stomach coverage, and a small pocket. 

  • We recommend using a measuring tape to find the correct size for your dog. Please ensure that your dog's length, girth, and neck measurement fall within the sizing parameters for the raincoat. 

      Length Girth Neck
    Extra Small

    16-18 in

    40.6-45.7 cm

    19-22 in

    48-56 cm

    10-13 in

    25.4-33 cm


    17.5-20 in

    44.5-51 cm

    21-24 in

    53.3-61 cm

    12-14 in

    30.5-35.6 cm


    19.5-22.5 in

    50-57 cm

    23-26 in

    58.5-66 cm

    14-16 in

    35.5-40.6 cm



    20.5-23 in

    52-58.4 cm

    24-27 in

    61-68.6 cm

    19-21 in

    48.3-53.3 cm


    21-24 in

    53-61 cm

    25-28 in

    63.5-71 cm

    19-21 in

    48.3-53.3 cm

    Extra Large

    24-27 in

    61-68.5 cm

    32-41 in

    81.3-104.1 cm


    21-24 in

    53.3-61 cm


    26-29 in

    66-73.5 cm

    36-47 in

    91.4-119.4 cm

    24-26 in



    32-36 in

    81-91.5 cm

    38-48 in

    96.5-122 cm

    24-26 in

    61-66 cm

    *We will be offering a Medium (Long) sometime in 2021. Check back with us then!