We have curated a puppy kit to give first-time and experienced owners the perfect walking essentials. Each kit comes with a Yap Wrap®, a Madras Leash, and a Day n' Nite Collar. Each kit also features a bonus treat bag that can hold your disposable poo bags, treats, and other miscellaneous walking essentials. 


Our patented Yap Wrap® provides comfort as well as the proper choke-free method of walking. Each Yap Wrap® features the iconic emergency lift handle as well as a design that prevents trachea damage. 


The Madras Leash and matching Day N' Nite Collar gives first-time users a reliable leash and an LED flashing light collar. The leash comes in two sizes: small and large. The small leash is about half an inch wide, while the large leash is about an inch wide. The Day N' Nite Collar includes three flashing modes. Batteries included.


Our treat bag can be looped through the leash or can be thread through any belt or jogging leash for a hands-free experience. 

Puppy Walking Kit

$90.00 Regular Price
$67.50Sale Price
Wrap Color
Wrap & Collar Size
Madras Leash & Day N Nite Collar Combo Color
Madras Leash Size
    • YAP Classic Wrap®
    • LED Flashing Light Collar
    • Madras Leash
    • BONUS ITEM! Treat Bag
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