-Soft durable material for full body comfort

-Prevents trachea damage 

-Emergency handle for lift on demand   

-Fully reversable 

Winter Wrap-Purple Blue

  •  Our winter wraps are lined with fleece to keep your dog warm during the cold weather. They are also based on our classic yap wrap design. Our patented Yap Wrap is a choke-free body wrap designed to relieve the pressures applied to a dog or cat’s trachea by traditional collars. It features an emergency handle that can be used to comfortably and safely pick up your pet in dangerous situations. It also includes a rear lead design that optimizes comfort and control in your daily walks.

  • 3 to 5lbs- Teacup 

    6 to 9lbs- Extra Small 

    9 to 13lbs-  Small

    14 to 20lbs- Medium

    20 to 25lbs- Large 

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