YAP Wraps®

Engineered Harnesses

Timeless, brumal-themed

Fleece Lining

Unique Design Elements

100% Wrap® function

Breton Stripe Classic Wrap engineered dog harness

Temperature Control

Anti-Static, Outlast®-lining

YAP Techno Wrap Engineered Dog Harness Candy Red

Quick-Dry   Breathable

Anti-Static  Featherweight

Blue Performance Wrap engineered dog harness perforated mesh

Model shown wearing an Extra Small Performance Wrap.. 

Buffalo Red Winter Wrap engineered dog harness fleece-lined
Midnight Lei Aoha Wrap

All Wraps® Provide the Following Benefits:

Marked Reduction of Trachea/Hip Injuries • Connect at Center-of-Gravity

Able to Lift-on-Demand in Emergency   •   Safe Restraint of Incessant Pullers  

Reversible for 2-Wraps-in-1   •   Extreme Durability   •   Machine Washable

Can Be Worn Full-Time  •  Unlimited Adjustability  •  Precise Fit on Dogs <35 lbs.

The prototypical Wrap®

Function meets fashion

Yap Wrap Patent Sketch
YAP Wrap Patent Sketch
YAP Wrap Patent Sketch
YAP Wrap Patent Sketch
YAP Wrap Patent Sketch
Made in U.S.A.
USPTO Official Patent Seal

     Pioneering upon its inception nearly twenty years ago, the seminal Wrap® has evolved into multiple variants, each of which bears the standard of the peerless, must-have restraint system for animals under 35 lbs.

Universal Seat Belt for dogs

Current Best Sellers

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