YAP Wraps®

Engineered Harnesses

Leopard Kiss Special Edition Wrap
Breton Stripe Classic Wrap

Model shown wearing an Extra Small Performance Wrap.. 

Markedly Reduces Trachea & Hip Injuries   •   Center-of-Gravity Balanced

Lifts-on-Demand   •   Safely Restrains Incessant Pullers  

Reversible   •   Extremely Durable   •   Machine Washable

Can Be Worn Full-Time   •  Unlimited Adjustment   •   Confines to Shape

Buffalo Red Winter Wrap
Blue Performance Wrap

Pioneering when first released, our seminal Wrap® continues to combine function and fashion into the peerless, must-have restraint system for animals under 30 lbs.

Yellow Techno Wrap
Universal Seat Belt

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Which Wrap® is Right For You?



While every Wrap® will function properly on your dog, he or she can benefit from “fine-tuning” for specific needs:


Does your dog run hot?         ――――――――――――→  Techno, Sports Techno or Performance. Techno actively

(Frenchie, Pug, Boston, et al.)                                                     regulates body heat.  Performance is perforated for airflow.


Does your dog love the water?       ―――――――――→   Performance drains & dries quickly.


Does your dog have delicate fur or skin?     ―――――→   Techno, Sport or Performance incorporate anti-static fabrics.


Does your dog get chilly?    ――――――――――――→    Winter, Techno or use Vitesse/Tech Coat (built-in harness.)


N.B.: Like any garment or footwear, you can extend the lifespan of each Wrap® several fold by rotating among Wraps rather than using the same one every day.  "Techno®" denotes the use of Oulast® Technology Fabric.

The chart below highlights the advantages of each particular style Wrap. 

X    - Properly Indicated

XX - Strongly Indicated