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Are Pets the Best Valentine?

Here's a definitive list of reasons why pets make the best valentine companion.

A man in a black t-shirt and jeans embraces his brown hound dog.
Charles Roth // Pexels
A picture of Pronto, an Italian Greyhound, in her youth. She is standing in a lush green field with a pink water bowl next to her.
Baby Pronto
  1. Yes. Do we really need to say more?

  2. Ok, so you want reasons. Pet’s love you unconditionally. They love spending time with you. The joy that they experience when they see you after a long day is priceless.

  3. They do the darndest things to get things their way. From snacking on your cheese board and feigning innocence to pretending to play dead to avoid going to the vet. These small moments of spontaneity keep us going.

  4. They love affection, even when they hate to admit it. Some of our favorite pets are the ones who like to make it difficult to love them. These are the pets who tend to perform little soft love bites and then promptly lick the area. They dislike being held, but seek you out for snuggles when they need attention.

  5. They are cute and precious. I know this is from our personal objective, but come on. Check out this picture of Pronto. Need we say more in regards to cuteness?

  6. Kisses. We love and appreciate all the kisses from our furry valentines, especially the slobbery kisses of that cute pooch to the sandpaper licks from the cute kitty on the corner, we love all of them!

  7. Snuggles from them are the best and are honestly our drug. Each hug releases oxytocin—otherwise known as the “love hormone—from our brain to our blood. To say they are addicting is an understatement.

  8. Joy. Allowing a pet into your life brings in pure joy and happiness. Our pets consider us their valentine every day of the year, so we want to make sure to return the favor on a day about love and companionship.

In short, yes, pets make the best valentine.

How will you and your pet spend this Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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