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  • To which counrtries does YAP ship?
    We ship everywhere in the United States; internationally where authorized by law.
  • When will I receive my order?
    We ship with USPS and make every effort to ship your package on the business day after you order it, oftentimes it is shipped the same day. We offer tracking on all packages*. In the US, depending on your distance from our warehouse, a flat rate package will generally take from 1-5 days to reach you. A Priority Mail package will take from 1-3 days to reach you. A Priority Express package will take from 1-2 days to reach you, oftentimes overnight. *We currently do not offer tracking on international packages with flat rate shipping. Tracking for your international delivery requires priority mail shipping. See the section on International Deliveries for more information.
  • Does YAP ship to PO boxes?
    We do ship to PO boxes! Just be sure to enter the correct information at checkout.
  • Why was my International Order delivered to a P.O. Box in the United States?
    Our USPS shipping arrangement consolidates all outgoing First Class Mail International packages from throughout the United States at centralized locations and then prepares them en masse for entry into the international delivery system. This is slower but more economical than directly being put into the International Mail system as is the case with Priority Mail International. Do not be alarmed if you see your tracking advising you that the package has been delivered a few days after we shipped it. It is at a United States Post Office sorting station. To avoid this, please choose USPS Priority Mail International.
  • How can I change my shipping address?
    You can either contact us via the website or call our office at 415-346-8878 to change your shipping address.
  • USPS marked my package as undeliverable? What now?
    If it is undeliverable the first time, please contact us via email or at our office at 415-346-8878 to verify your address before we reship it.
  • What is YAP's return policy?
    We offer exchanges for any other product, however we do not offer returns for a refund. If you want to exchange an order within 30 days of your delivery, please contact us here. We also offer in-store or web credit.
  • What about exchanges?
    Exchanges can be done by filling out this form. Please be sure to fill it out thoroughly. Our products do have a price difference as size increases, and you are responsible for shipping charges to you unless you purchased at the showroom.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Regular shipments under 1 lb. with tracking cost $4.95. However, heavier items such as our Sport Backpack have a higher shipping cost (see Priority Mail option.) Orders usually ship the business day after they are received. Need an item sooner? We have a USPS Priority Mail 1-3 day shipping option for $10+ (weight-dependent) and a USPS Priority Mail Express shipping option for $29+ (weight-dependent.) We also offer same-day pickup at our showroom in Ghirardelli Square.
  • What do I need for an exchange?
    You filled in the form and are ready to exchange? Please make sure the item that you are requesting to exchange is free of debris and hair, otherwise, we may have to ask for a cleaning fee in addition to the exchange. Please ensure all necessary information (your name, shipping address, email for tracking, which item and size do you want sent to you in exchange) is noted inside of your package. Ship the package to: YAP Exchanges 170 South Spruce Ave., Suite K South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • What is YAP's warranty info?
    Our products are made for durability. They are made to grow and last with your dog. This is why nearly all of our products are protected under a limited one-year warranty. Stuff happens, we get it. If your item doesn’t perform as it should, email us here to inquire about our warranty information!
  • Can I Change or Cancel My Order?
    If you’d like to change or cancel your order, please call us at 415-346-8878, customer care #2. Once we ship out your product, we cannot cancel or change the order.
  • Where can I buy YAP products?
    You can buy our products online or at our showroom in Ghirardelli Square.
  • I bought this Wrap “x” number of years ago and no longer see it on your website?
    Our manufactured products are limited edition and seasonal. Once a product sells out, there is no guarantee that we can produce it again due to the limited quantity of fabric we have. We sometimes reserve certain colors or styles for our showroom. To inquire about a certain style/size, contact us at our showroom or warehouse.
  • What does "Techno®" signify?"
    Any product denominated "Techno" utlizes Outlast® Technology Fabric to actively regulate body temperature hot or cold, and to ensure a smooth, anti-static surface to substantially minimize friction and the resultant heat, thereby eliminating hair loss and chafing.
  • I saw a product at your Ghirardelli Square showroom, why do I not see it online?
    We showcase seasonals and novelties at our showroom. If you’d like to purchase an item you saw at our showroom, but do not see online, contact us and we can see if we have your size/product available.
  • Do you repair products?
    We are unable to guarantee the integrity of a repaired product, and with your dog's safety on the line. we will not repair products. If your product was purchased within the one-year limited warranty, please contact us with the issue.
  • Do you offer replacement parts for a product?
    We do not offer replacement parts for our products because we cannot insure the integrity of a product with the replaced component. Any product tends to break down over time, this is due to daily wear and tear, laundering, and even excessive pet dander/oils. If your product was purchased within the one-year limited warranty, please contact us with the issue.
  • How do I clean my product?
    So your dog likes rolling around in the dirt and honing in on nature? We get it, and our products are designed to withstand those activities. That being said, please email us with your product so we can send you detailed instructions.
  • How can I find more information on my product?
    Individual product pages have more information, including photos, features, and size guides. If you still have questions, contact us here or email us at
  • Which YAP Wraps® come in size Large?
    All Performance Wraps All Special Edition Wraps All Winter Wraps All Sports Wraps Most Techno Wraps Select Classic Wraps (Camo, Houndstooth, et al.)
  • Which Wraps come in size XL?
    Size XL is currently available in select styles: Performance Wrap Pink, Slate & Neon/Orange Winter Wrap Buffalo Red, Buffalo White, Green Mackinaw Alcatraz Sunshine Plaid Camo
  • Who is YAP?
    Analysis of the martketplace reveals an abundance of dog products, but none that really considers the anatomy and needs of the dog...with the exception of YAP. We engineer and manufacture a complete range of products that are nec plus ultra in their segment. Each product is crafted using state-of-the-art technology and components that will elevate your dog's quality of life. Many of our products are patented and utilize proprietary materials exclusive to YAP. Since 2005.
  • Are you launching more products?
    Our skunkworks is always testing new products. The best way is to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and sign up for emails.
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