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Keeping Your Pet Entertained During the Shelter-InPlace Order

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

You're restless and so is your pet. Our furry friends are smart and they tend to pick up on their human companion’s emotions. One of the best ways to take care of your pet is to first take care of yourself. Find your sense of balance and fill your cup before you take care of others. Once that is done and you feel refreshed with new energy, it is time to take care of your beloved pet.

1. Keep them entertained with toys. Make sure they have access to fun activities like their favorite kong toy (with their favorite snack inside).

2. Try some DIY toys. This will not only give you something fun to do, but it will keep your dog busy. The American Kennel Club has a few DIY projects: advice/lifestyle/do-it-yourself-cognitive-dog-toys-for-home/

3. If your pet is anxious, ensure they have the right gear. We are locked in during the time seasons change. If you are self-isolating and are unable to take your pet out regularly, we recommend our techno line. We recommend our techno wrap for small pets and our techno harness for larger breeds. The techno line includes Outlast technology that regulates their body temperature. For smaller pets, the wrap provides a sense of security (like a nice hug) around their body. As the seasons grow warmer, the techno line will ensure your pet stays at a safe body temperature in comfort and style.

4. Work on some training and obedience exercises. If you have always wanted to teach your pet how to paw bump, then now is the time. There are plenty of resources out there such as YouTube as well as smartphone apps that provide tools and resources to train your pet.

5. Take them for a walk. You both may need some fresh air. Sometimes, a walk may help clear your head as well as get your furry friend some well-needed exercise. We have an article on how to safely walk your pet during the coronavirus.

Hug your pets close to you during this time. Some pets seem to be highly enjoying this period of time where they have their owner's undivided attention. This is a good time to show them how much you value their presence by truly bonding with them and showering them with love.

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