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The Diet of Our Senior Spokesdog

What is keeping Pronto so fresh and young? Well, it’s no secret that she follows a strict diet. Pronto is a high maintenance, exceptional friend, and only the best will do.

Pronto eats a diet that consists of meat, vegetables, and fat. No fillers, antibiotics, or preservatives of any kind are used in her food. The perfect ratio for her has been created over the years through trial and error. Her closest confidante revealed that the ratio is always adjusted based on her latest blood panel tests and age. What’s right for Pronto may not be right for your furry friend. Consult your veterinarian for advice and information when creating or transitioning diets. Her food is made twice a week and lasts for roughly three days.

The key to Pronto’s health is keeping carbohydrates low, protein moderate, and using high fiber vegetables. Vegetables used are always in season. The oil used when preparing her food is olive or coconut oil. It is important to note that her food is not cooked using any other oil. The only spices used to season her foods are turmeric and the tiniest dash of salt.

It is cooked using a one-pot set for 25-30 minutes. She follows a strict routine of low fat/high carb fiber in the morning and the “full works” at night. Pronto’s food is occasionally garnished with Parmesan Reggiano. This treat is reserved for night time and it is only to be used when Pronto becomes bored with her usual diet. The fats from the cheese give Pronto a boost of energy. She also eats cottage cheese every dayno low-fat or fat-free cheese. The probiotics in the cheese help regulate this old girl's bowel movements and keep her farts less stinky.

It is important that her feeding window is kept at a minimum of 12 hours, especially for an older dog like Pronto. Her body and cells rest and repair during that window. Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. Establishing a set mealtime is important to their well-being and function. She receives no snacks during the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean she gets no treats, though! She enjoys her special treats like a dessert after her meal. Treats include dried salmon skin and dried chicken breasts. She likes to run to a quiet spot in the house and enjoy her treat once she receives it after dinner.

What does an average diet look like for your dog? We’d love to know! Tell us in the comments below!

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