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Which Wrap is Right For You?

All Wraps are not the same! Well, they are, kind of. Your dog can benefit from “fine-tuning” according to his or her specific needs. We all wear different clothes depending on the weather, and dogs should be no different. While all Wraps are center-of-gravity-based and enable you to lift-on-demand, there are some distinctions to note among them.

For example: does your dog run hot? (Frenchie, Pug, Boston, et al.) → a Techno, Sports Techno, or Performance Wrap will keep your hot dog cool.

Does your dog love the water? → Performance Wraps incorporate a honeycomb mesh that drains immediately & dries quickly.

Does your dog have delicate fur or skin? → Techno, Sport, or Performance Wraps work to eliminate friction, heat, and hair loss using anti-static fabrics.

Does your dog get chilly? → Winter or Techno Wrap, will insulate your dog from the cold, or use a Vitesse/Tech Coat (with a built-in harness.)

Like any garment or footwear, you can extend the lifespan of each Wrap severalfold by rotating them rather than using the same one every day.

Have a question regarding the YAP Wraps? Let us know in the comments below!

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