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So your friend recently adopted a pet? Maybe you found yourself in the auntie or godparent position of a newly adopted fur baby? You possibly may have recently welcomed a new furry member to your own family. If you are searching for the perfect gift for them, our guide is here to help!

Whether your new pet friend is a cat, small dog, or bunny, we recommend a special wrap for the holidays! The sensation of the Wrap around them feels like a hug. If your furry pal is still acclimating to their new environment, this item is a must! The Special Edition Wrap is the perfect gift! It comes in a variety of styles, like the Nautical Wrap pictured. All of our Special Edition Wraps feature an emergency handle, a cute accentuated collar, and a D-Ring for easy walking.

So your pet may be the small apple of your eye but is not exactly small in the conventional sense. If this sounds like your fur friend, then the techno harness is for you! It includes temperature regulating fabric called Outlast®, an emergency handle, and fully adjustable curved buckles.

Does your friend take their pal jogging? Do you notice them often juggling various items in their hands? The YAP Magic Belt is the perfect gear to free their hands and elevate their jogging experience. It includes a jogging leash and the magic belt. This belt features antibacterial mesh, lumbar support, and a pouch to keep all their jogging essentials.

This is an often missed essential item. It’s the perfect gift to keep your pet safe in the car on your next journey. The universal seat belt has a clip to secure your pet into the vehicle.

Has your friend recently taken up baking during the pandemic period? We got the perfect item that celebrates their newfound passion while recognizing the love of their pet. It comes in two styles that will surely bring a smile to their face.

You can find all the items listed here on our website. What YAP item is your doggie's favorite?

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