This special wrap was an exclusive from our San Francisco showroom facing Alcatraz Island. U.S.P (United States Penitentiary) Alcatraz is printed on the collar with a special inmate number. Note, the Alcatraz Wrap is perfect for all dogs, bad or good! Folding collar. Reversible to black. Our Special Edition Wraps are based on the patented Yap Wrap choke-free body wrap, engineered to eliminate the injuries improper harnesses or collars cause to an animal's trachea, spine, hips, and organs. All of our Wraps feature an emergency handle that can be used to comfortably and safely pick up your pet in dangerous situations. All Wraps utilize a center-of-gravity design that optimizes comfort and control on your daily walks. All Wraps can be coupled directly into any car using our Universal Seat Belt.

Special Edition Wrap- Alcatraz

  • 3 to 5lbs- Teacup 

    6 to 9lbs- Extra Small 

    9 to 13lbs-  Small

    14 to 20lbs- Medium

    20 to 25lbs- Large