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Techno Harness

Signal Orange YAP Techno Harness dog harness
Lemon Yellow YAP Techno Harness dog harness
 Infrared image engineered dog harness Outlast Technology
Outlast Technology Fabric Certified Space Technology Logo

    A 4-way adjustable, center-of-gravity harness for dogs 8-175 pounds, lined with the same proprietary Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric used inside NASA spacesuits.


    Outlast® absorbs or disperses heat when your dog is hot or cold. Meant for all dogs, this fabric is especially useful for brachycephalic dogs like Boston Terriers, American and French Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers.


    Engineered with the D-ring at the correct coordinated center-of-gravity location for a given size dog, a properly-fitted Techno Harness® will eliminate the issues found in junk harnesses: rubbing/fur loss, trachea injury from pulling and long-term hip/spine injuries from constantly upsetting your dog's balance.

    The Techno Harness® is lightweight, anti-static, and silent for your dog's comfort, and can also be coupled directly into any car using our Universal Seat Belt or Universal LATCH Belt. Every Techno Harness® also incorporates an emergency handle for lift-on-demand, and fully curved buckles to prevent friction.

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