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     The Universal Seat Belt® and Universal LATCH Belt® swivel and are designed to be adjustable from 6 inches to approximately 2 feet. Past this distance, the efficacy of a seatbelt is compromised since a dog would still impact the interior of the car during a sudden stop or accident.  Our Universal Seat Belt® and Universal LATCH Belt® are constructed from quality stainless steel and 5-shaft herringbone twill DOT-weave seatbelt material,and have been lab-tested for strength and will work in any car: foreign, domestic, Tesla, etc.

    When used in conjunction with one of our center-of-gravity-based Wraps or Harnesses, your dog will always be restrained from his or her center-of-mass during an impact, no matter how he or she is oriented in the vehicle. This effective, yet simple system is further engineered so that the resultant forces are spread over the safest surface area of the Wrap or Harness. Cf. multi-point safety restraint systems which envelop racecar drivers in the same manner.

     Other copycat products on the market compromise safety to save a few dollars. These imitations are put together using weak stamped steel and cheap, stiff nylon webbing.

    Our Universal Seat Belt® and Universal LATCH Belt® are a must have item for any dog in a vehicle.


    From a safety standpoint, here's why:

1) An unrestrained dog will impact your car interior during an accident or sudden stop;

2) an unrestrained dog can interfere with your driving and cause you to lose control of the vehicle;

3) Flight not Fight: an unrestrained dog can flee into traffic or go astray, whether 1) alighting after you open your car door in a parking lot, 2) through a broken window or 3) once Good Samaritans & first responders reach your vehicle and open the door after an accident;

4) Fight not Flight: an unrestrained dog can interfere with the ability of first responders to provide you with medical treatment at the scene of an accident. After the shock of an impact, dogs often instinctively try to protect the pack, and view strangers as a threat. Heartbreakingly, in order to ensure proper medical treatment can be provided, these same first responders oftentimes must humanely deal with the threat of an unrestrained, aggressive dog.

5) moreover, an unrestrained dog is a dynamic projectile, meaning unlike a purse or bottle of water, he or she will not only impact the interior, but also thrash around during and after an accident.

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