In the event of an accident, unrestrained dogs become dynamic projectiles, meaning they react and thrash around in addition to impacting you or the car interior.  This also means your dog can be injured in a crash, interfere with your driving, or impact occupants during a crash. Moreover, an unrestrained dog will likely, out of instinct, try to protect you during a rescue, interfering with first responders.


Avoid these issues and keep your dog safe while traveling with the YAP Universal LATCH Belt. Made in USA from quality stainless steel and DOT-weave seatbelt material, our YAP LATCH Belt’s patent-pending design will not to tangle or become stuck. 


-Extends from 6" to almost 2'. Works in any car, foreign or domestic.


-Made from the same slightly stretchable nylon material that human seat belts are made of in order to absorb energy during an impact.


-Easily stored, instantly use it in a friend's car or rental car.


-Most effective when used in conjunction with our Wraps, Harnesses, or jackets. The design of every YAP Wrap and Harness ensures your dog is always restrained from his or her center of gravity, and the resultant force is distributed over the largest possible surface area.

Universal LATCH Belt®

  • -Designed to safely attach your dog to the LATCH points or cargo tie-downs in any vehicle.

    -Fully-adjustable, maximum length of ~2 feet, safe radius in the car.

    -Swivels, tangle-free restraint.

    -Modeled after DOT seatbelts, designed to absorb energy upon impact.