Tech Coats®


Our waterproof and wind-resistant Tech Coat® takes the design of our YAP Wraps® a step further.  

An advanced wind/moisture layer is incorporated into every Tech Coat, keeping warmth in and water out.


Your dog stays clean, dry and happy, while benefitting from a properly-engineered Wrap for injury-free walking and emergency restraint.

Size Large available in select colors

engineered insulated coat for dogs use as harness
Tangerine Tech Coat Size Medium 20 lb Jack Russell Terrier, "Rocky" engineered insulated coat for dogs

Product Features

-Extended to cover thigh muscles

-Proper access for bathroom breaks

-Secure pocket to hold napkins/bags

-Reflective collar

-Incorporates features of YAP Wrap® for worry-free walking

-Fits Dogs up to 40 lbs.

Rocky, a 19 lb. Jack Russell Terrier, wearing Tangerine Medium.