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Engineered for Safe Control

Product Info

     The Beta Noir® is a 2-axis, choke-free, center-of-gravity body harness designed to be the safest possible interface between you and dogs 15 to 200 pounds. This harness was tested with police, military, & AKC dogs.


    We simulate the touch sensation mother dogs use to comfort their puppies. This swaddling instinctively calms anxious dogs, safely and humanely reinforcing your alpha status. A clamshell construction ensures that the Beta Noir conforms to the strongest part of your dog's body. 

    All Beta Noirs are engineered to be 1) anti-static, 2) silent, & 3) ultra lightweight;


    Anti-static fabrics are crucial, otherwise static electricity will build-up and discharge through your dog at random times, leaving you wondering what startled him or her.  Also, they immediately rub your dog’s sensitive areas, causing cuts and forcing your dog to negatively impact his or her gait. Lower-cost harnesses omit these crucial fabrics.


    Noise mitigation is also very important in a proper harness. Your dog’s hearing is up to 7 times more sensitive than most humans, and small noises can be amplified by your dog’s bone structure. A small click or rattle becomes an annoying thud or boom in your dog’s ears. All of the Beta Noir series harnesses incorporate sound-cancelling devices at all essential locations, allowing the Beta Noir  to operate silently under any condition.


    A lightweight harness reduces the amount of reciprocating weight (that which moves up and down on your dog at every pace) while retaining full agility and range of motion.


    Finally, all Beta Noir harnesses are engineered to allow airflow underneath while remaining properly located on your dog’s body. 

    Further reinforce your alpha status by using a Short Compression Leash in conjunction with the Beta Noir. This comfortable leash is based on a mathematically calculated length along with a slight stretch to provide maximum control of your dog while minimizing fatigue and injury to your body.

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