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YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots
YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots
YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots

FIG 1 ABOVE: Is a detailed view of the front and rear profiles of the dog shoe. The opening of the shoe is secured and adjusted with top opening strap snap-buttons 101, 102, and 103. The shoe is adjusted and secured to the dog's limbs and ankle area above the paws with Velcro straps 104, 105, 107, and 108. Reflective coating 104, 108 is provided on the Velcro straps for increased visibility and safety during nighttime or low light conditions. The sole 109 is a synthetic rubber material (i.e., resin rubber, crepe, PVC, or polyurethane) for added traction and to provide tactile feeling in the dog's paws. The synthetic rubber sole material is sewn into the bottom 109 and encloses the toe area 117. The front of the shoe is provided with a lace up feature and laces 112, 115 for the look and feel of a shoe and for added support with the structure 114. The dual Velcro straps are adjusted around the boot 113, 116 with nylon buckles 118 and 119.

FIG. 2 ABOVE: Is detailing the lightweight and flexible contoured shape of the dog shoes. The top opening is adjustable with buttons 202 and a strap mechanism 203. Dual Velcro straps 204, 206 provide a secure and snug fit to the dog's leg and ankle area above the paws. The straps are adjusted with nylon buckles 205, 207 and secured with Velcro around the back of the dog's leg at 216 and 217. The front-facing laces 211, 213 provide added support and are affixed to the shoe via the structure at 210 and sewn into the front of the shoe. The toe area 209, 214 is provided with added stitching around the synthetic rubber toe enclosure. The soles 208, 215 run the bottom with a durable synthetic rubber material for added protection from the external environment, traction and stability, and provide the dog with tactile feel.

YAP Caligae® Boot
Engineered Waterproof


 FIG. 5 ABOVE: Shows the dog owner's hands  508  securing and adjusting the top opening strap 507 and button 510 mechanism at the back of the shoe. The dog's leg 506 is comfortably and securely protected with the lightweight and flexible dog shoes. The synthetic rubber sole 509 is shown for added traction, stability and tactile feel during walking and running. The shoe is constructed with three pieces of synthetic washable fabric: 1) an inner contact layer 505; 2) a middle insulation thickness layer 504; and 3) an outer waterproof shell 503. The graphic representation shows the waterproofing and breathability functionality as water is kept out of the shoe 501 while air is able to pass through the breathable fabric 502. Durable water repellant (“DWR”) finish coating is applied at the outer shell 503.

YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots

A lightweight and flexible dog shoe for protecting a dog's feet using a waterproof construction while allowing breathability and comfort during use.


The shoes are designed to be easily put on by the dog owner with a large top opening and a Velcro strap system for securing the shoes to the dog's feet. The shoe is flexible to conform to the shape of the dog's legs while providing tactile feeling ability on the soles.


The material is breathable, and acts as a check-valve with air permeability for breathability, but prevents water from entering.  


The shoes will protect a dog's feet and paws from hazardous environmental conditions, abrasion, dirt, chemicals, salt, as well as cold and hot weather.

Adjustment is provided with Velcro straps, buckles and buttons. The front laces are for added stability and support purposes.


The shoe is constructed with a synthetic materials: a multi-layer nylon fabric shell, synthetic rubber sole & toe enclosure, and is one hundred percent waterproof. The sole and toe enclosure may be constructed with resin rubber, crepe, PVC, or polyurethane. The multi-layer shell is comprised of; 1) a protective inner contact layer; 2) an insulating thickness layer; and 3) an outer waterproof shell.


The dog's feet and paws enter from the rear opening, and adjustment are made via the wrap-around Velcro straps, buckles, and buttons.


The Velcro straps have reflective material for visibility during nighttime or low visible light conditions.

FIG. 3 BELOW: The top opening 306 is where the dog's paws enter the boot. The top opening strap and snap-button 303, 317 is secured to the buttons 307, 308, 313, and 314. The dual Velcro straps 304, 305, 316, 318 are wrapped around the back of the dog's limb and ankle area and secured through the nylon buckles at 309, 311, 312. The bottom view of the shoe is shown with the synthetic rubber material at the sole 310 for added traction, support and tactile feel during use. 

YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots

FIG. 4 RIGHT: Illustrates the dual Velcro strap and top opening strap-button adjustment mechanism. The dual Velcro straps 412, 411 wrap around the back of the dog's limbs and are looped through nylon buckles 408, 409 and secured with Velcro. Reflective material is added on the straps at 410 to provide increased visibility and safety during nighttime and low light conditions. The top opening strap is secured with the strap 402 and button 401 mechanism to the buttons at 406 and 407 and provides closure around the dog's upper leg area. The front facing laces 404 are provided for added support and stability along the front of the shoe. The rear opening is shown with the top opening secured by the strap and button 414 mechanism and the buttons on the opposite side of the top opening at 413 and 420. The dog's paw and leg enter the shoe from the rear opening and are secured by wrapping around the Velcro straps 415, 416, through the nylon buckles 408, 409 and securing the Velcro at the desired comfort level and fit. The dog's paw 422, 423, 424 and limb 421 profile is shown comfortably and securely inside the shoe. Dotted lines are provided to show where the Velcro straps wrap around the dog's limb 421 above the paw. The durable water repellant (“DWR”) finish is shown at 418 to keep the dog's feet and paws dry while allowing breathability and air circulation. The synthetic rubber sole 417 provides added traction, support and tactile feel during use.

The dog owner fits the shoes to the dog by first placing the foot and paw through the rear opening of the shoe with the top opening strap 414, 402 open, and the dual Velcro straps open 412, 411, 415, 416. Then the lower Velcro strap 411, 416 is wrapped around the dog's leg 421 to the desired fit, looped through the buckle 409, and secured with Velcro. Next, the upper Velcro strap 412, 415 is similarly wrapped around the dog's leg 421, looped through the buckle 408, and secured with Velcro. Then the top opening strap 402, 414 is wrapped around the top opening of the shoe and around the dog's leg 421 for a secure fit, closure, and snapped to a button 406, 407, 413, 420. The front lace mechanism 404 is tied and provides added support.

YAP Caligae® Patent Diagram engineered waterproof dog boots
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