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Which Beta is "Bettah" for you?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

You are window shopping and you see the beta noir. There's the classic Beta Noir, the minimalistic Beta Noir Explorer, and then there is the familiar-looking Beta Noir Collar. They all have anti-static features, they're made with soft material, and they each have their own purposes. All of these are great, but which one is best for you?

We created the Beta Noir series to accommodate dogs from all walks of life. After months of research, design, and feedback from our beta testers, we produced three harnesses: Beta Noir Classic, Beta Noir Explorer, and Beta Noir Collar. Each harness incorporates different features to accommodate your companion's lifestyle.

The Beta Noir series are harnesses designed to be the safest possible interface between the anatomy of a dog and its handler. Mechanically, the harness allows you as the handler to precisely employ your corrective or restraining force over a large surface area of your dog’s body, thus avoiding injuries to you and your dog.

We incorporate premium materials and features, where another look-alike, low-cost product cut corners (and cut your dog’s skin).

All Beta Noirs are engineered to be

1) anti-static, 2) silent, and 3) ultra-lightweight

ANTI-STATIC FABRICS are crucial, otherwise static electricity will build-up and discharge through your dog at random times, leaving you wondering what startled him or her. Also, they immediately rub your dog’s sensitive areas, causing cuts and forcing your dog to negatively impact his or her gait. Lower-cost harnesses omit these specialty fabrics in their design and fabrication.

NOISE MITIGATION is also very important in a proper harness. Your dog’s hearing is up to 7 times more sensitive than most humans, and small noises can be amplified by your dog’s bone structure. A small click or rattle becomes an annoying thud or boom in your dog’s ears. All of the Beta Noir series harnesses incorporate sound-canceling devices at all essential locations, allowing the Beta Noir to operate silently under any condition.

A LIGHTWEIGHT HARNESS reduces the amount of reciprocating weight (that which moves up and down on your dog at every pace). This also greatly reduces the overall weight your dog must carry on its body while retaining full agility and range of motion.

Finally, all Beta Noir harnesses are ENGINEERED TO ALLOW AIRFLOW underneath while remaining properly located on your dog’s body. Low-cost harnesses must be too tight to stay, then they injure the dog. Or too loose to injure the dog, then they don’t stay on.

We hope this guide assists you in recognizing the difference of each harness as well as allowing you to utilize it to the maximum potential. Go out and explore the beta way.

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