Techno Wraps®

     Our Techno Wraps® are lined with the same proprietary Outlast® temperature-regulating fabric used inside NASA spacesuits.

    Outlast® absorbs or disperses heat when your dog is hot or cold. Meant for all dogs, Techno Wraps are especially useful for brachycephalic dogs like Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs & Pugs.



    Engineered with the D-ring at the correct center-of-gravity location for a given size dog, a properly-fitted Techno Wrap® will eliminate the issues found in junk harnesses: rubbing/fur loss, trachea injury from pulling and long-term hip/spine injuries from constantly upsetting your dog's balance.

    The Techno Wrap® is reversible, lightweight, anti-static, and silent for your dog's comfort, and can also be coupled directly into any car using our Universal Seat Belt or Universal LATCH Belt. Every Techno Wrap® also incorporates an emergency handle for lift-on-demand.