The K9i TactiKal®️ harness provides a handler maximum control of a working dog. While many owners of powerful dogs utilize the K9i TactiKal®️ as a daily-wear harness, it is primarily intended for regimented high-value dogs performing search & rescue, explosives/narcotics detection, guard duty, or other critical missions.
The communication handle on the K9i TactiKal®️ provides the handler complete 3-axis control over the dog’s pitch, yaw, and roll. Reminiscent of a stitched leather gearshift knob on a vintage sports car, this sumptuous handle minimizes fatigue and injury, absorbs shocks and ensures the proper purchase on the handle during touch communication with the dog.
Multiple fasteners and coupling locations allow the handler to adapt the base K9i TactiKal®️ harness for any mission. As with all of our premium harnesses, the K9i TactiKal®️ is ultra-lightweight, completely anti-static, and silent for the dog’s comfort and health. It is designed to be quickly disinfected after completing a detail or completely washed after a tour of duty. 
Whether you use the K9i TactiKal®️ for your daily walk in the park or for your next mission, we include our Short Compression Leash to provide proper hand purchase and control while minimizing fatigue and injury to your hands, arms, and shoulders. As with all of our data-driven products, the Short Leash is engineered to incorporate the optimal length, grip and energy-absorption (stretch) for use with the most powerful dogs.

Included: Short Compression Leash and two satchels.

K9i TactiKal® Harness

  • The K9i TactiKal Harness package includes:

    • K9i TactiKal harness
    • Black Short Leash
    • Two Gear Bags
    • Central Safety Belt
  • The Tactikal Harness comes in Large for dogs 35-70 and Extra Large for dogs 70-110 lbs.

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