This New Scottish Tartan Wrap is from our 2020 Summer Collection. It features a striking emerald/blue tartan pattern. Folks with a keen eye may remember a similar wrap from our 2016 collection, which virtually sold out in most sizes. We are excited to recreate that same wrap for old and new furry clients. 


Our Classic Wraps are based on the patented Yap Wrap choke-free body wrap, engineered to eliminate the injuries improper harnesses or collars cause to an animal's trachea, spine, hips, and organs. 


All of our Wraps feature an emergency handle that can be used to comfortably and safely pick up your pet in dangerous situations. All Wraps also utilize a center-of-gravity design that optimizes comfort and control on your daily walks.


For safety, all Wraps can be coupled directly into any car using our Universal Seat Belt.

Classic Wrap- Scottish Tartan